chp 9 hmwk


Hey sorry  I forgot to post earlier, but are there any hints on completing homework 9.18, I’m assuming that they are all one liners.


3 Responses to “chp 9 hmwk”

  1. uncwcsc242 Says:

    You are correct these are one liners. B terminates (halts) the program. C is an Add command. R0 <- R0 + … you must figure out the rest of C and the remainder of the problem.

    Dr. Ricanek

  2. Dave Says:

    Regarding the test 3 program, how can we test our addition to the calculator program, if the source files do not compile individually? Should we try to put all of the individual source files into one large LC3 Edit file and then add our division algorithm? Please Help!

    • uncwcsc242 Says:

      Attempt to build the program by creating one source file. Remember to that some methods OpAdd and OpMult etc may use the same label names and will require a renaming. I would suggest something like Restor1 to become OARestore1 for (OpAdd).

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