Test 1 Extra Credit

Corrections of for test 1 are due on Friday.  Students who correct their wrong answers and turn in on Friday will receive partial credit for the incorrect problems.  The diagram for chapter 3 problem 2 is located in the textbook on page 84 (prob. 3.6).


2 Responses to “Test 1 Extra Credit”

  1. Michael Sodomsky Says:

    I’m doing 6.16 now and I’m really confused on how you would go about it. Any information would be awesome. thanks.

    • uncwcsc242 Says:

      In problem 6.16 you are given a trace of the MAR register, which contains addresses used to access memory. The program starts at x3000 and the last trace ends at x0021. An instruction must tell the program to stop executing or to halt program. We have such an instruction that breaks to the operating system and runs a o/s service routine is indexed by its address (x####).

      When using the halt (trap) the program will stop executing (MAR) will stop tracing at a specific address that corresponds to the trap vector.

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